Would you like to present a class or program at HeartSong?  Send the following information to Jacki Rose, Director at

Title of Program

Program Description
Include 1-5 benefits participants will gain if attend this program.

Your Bio
Include what qualifies you to present this topic (i.e. experience, credentials)

Payment Options
Please let us know which one you prefer…

Option 1: Donation
All proceeds go to the growth and support of HeartSong and you donate your time and services realizing that you will receive lots of exposure.  See below*

Option 2: Stipend
You would like to receive a minimal payment to help cover any supplies, gas, etc.  Stipend could be anywhere from $5 per person to a flat fee of $25 or a 20% of total income from your event. For example, if $100 comes in for your event, you would receive $20.  These amounts can be negotiated.

Option 3: HeartSong Payment
You and HeartSong will split the total amount that comes in 50/50.

Please note you are welcome to promote yourself, your products, etc at the events you present at HeartSong.

*Program Publicity
Here’s some of how we promote where you may get some great exposure.

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Meetup Groups
  • Town Crier
  • Flyers Distributed
  • Announcements at all other HeartSong Programs
  • HeartSong E-Newsletter