Summer activity

As the summer is rapidly coming upon us, and as the church year comes to a close, FUUM wants to remind everyone in the community that life still goes on here. The Day Care (CCC) will still be going strong and we will continue to host a number of organizations who have partnered with us to help maintain our lovely facility.

Our halls are also home to the occasional rentals for special occasions related to church (weddings, child dedications, memorial services) or non-church events, such as birthday parties. Please be sure to check out our Rentals tab to obtain more information about hosting your next event here at 23 Pine Street in Milford.

Have a wonderful summer!

For Sunday, May 17

This Sunday, May 17, First Unitarian Universalist Milford is glad to welcome back the spiritually-grounded and intellectually profound presence of Divinity student David Miller, as he has put together a wonderful service around a significant event in both the Christian and Muslim tradition that, whether you knew it or not, is happening this weekend. Here is what David has to say about the service:
“This Sunday, in many Christian traditions, is the day when the Ascension of Jesus is remembered. By interesting coincidence this year on Saturday Muslims all over the world celebrate the Ascension of Muhammad. We’ll look at these two similar but different stories, and how both teach powerful truths about how to make it through hard times and embrace new beginnings.”
If you would like to hear more, come to 23 Pine Street this Sunday, at 10:30am. Coffee and conversation to follow the service.

Support charities responsibly

There are many great causes to support around the world, and with so much violence, destruction, corruption, and lack of basic needs being met, those of us who have the heart and the means to contribute to helping victims of such turbulent times wonder how do we choose where to to direct our helping efforts. What causes are in line with our strongest beliefs? What suffering that goes on in the world touches us the most?

Perhaps the most important question we must ask ourselves before we donate time or treasure to helping is: “Where is my money (or where are my efforts) going?” or “Will the charity funnel everything directly to those in need? Are there other factors to consider besides those in need?”

There are ways to legitimately check on charities to make sure the ones you invest time or money into are worth it. I have links to a couple places below.

I wish all well in their search for ways to meaningfully support or world community.  If we don’t perform our due maintenance, our children and the generation after that will face a life that has spiraled out of control without the tools to repair it.

Spring has sprung!

In case you haven’t noticed, all signs in nature are pointing to a season that is in full bloom. An earth reawakened with life. What this means for Unitarian Universalists is a chance to connect more deeply with the interdependent web of all life. If you haven’t stopped to smell the proverbial roses, I would strongly encourage you to spend some time in a green space and take in the sights, smells, and textures of that space – as your allergies may allow. As FUUM will not have a service this Sunday on Mother’s Day, what better way to practice spirituality and motherly love (love of Mother Earth, that is) than to spend some quality time with the Earth? … but please do tread lightly. As our human world is full of hurting, so too is the plant and animal world. Remember, we are all interconnected and what affects even one of us affects us all.
Peace. Love. Joy.upper_charles2

Sunday, April 26

At 9:00am on Sunday, April 26, the First Unitarian Universalist church of Milford will hold its annual congregational meeting. This is when the church hears annual reports from various committees, has discussion about various concerns as raised by these reports, and votes on the proposals for the coming fiscal year, including the election of new officers (per terms of service). This is an opportunity for members to have their voice heard and to participate in the governance of the church through the democratic method.

This church traditionally has a pot luck meal in conjunction with the meeting and this year, for the first time, will hold Sunday worship service following the conclusion of the meeting. All are welcome to attend the worship service and stay for coffee and conversation following the service.

This Sunday’s service will reflect on the story of the Good Shepherd and life and love in abundance.

sanctuary window

Earth Day

Earth Day: While there is so much to celebrate about the beauty of Earth, I am a little disheartened at the trash I see everywhere I walk and drive. And I’m not talking about the post-marathon stuff, which is very dutifully picked up. I would love to see in my lifetime a more concerted effort to have an ethic around waste. A clean neighborhood leads to a clean community, which could then spread clean evermore…. and then, I could be truly happy to celebrate Earth Day.

Today is also the end of Commit2Respond’s Climate Justice Month. If you have not joined or followed their blogs, I have here today’s final message for the past month’s length of messages.
May we all find the courage, strength, and the focus to be more active in response of such a difficult emerging reality.

Spring Cleaning

It is hard to feel springy with cloudy, raw weather prevailing over a landscape which refuses to let go of its winter wonderland identity, long after winter and clean snow have passed on. However, we are in the middle of Spring and there is a tradition, though not so common any more, of Spring cleaning – time to clean up the house and the yard, and any other cleaning projects that were backed up during winter.
It is also time to clean out “stuff” that may have been sitting around for some time, which we have not wanted to do anything or not known what to do with. A reminder from the Facilities Manager, Steve, that such stuff may be donated to the church Yard Sale which he leads every Spring. Donations may be brought in at any time. The Spring Yard Sale will take place in May this year.

Passover reflection

As we are in the middle of Passover in the Jewish tradition and heading to the end of Holy Week in the Christian tradition (both sources of wisdom for our tradition) we are confronted with many different lessons and messages that we could take home. I found an article which gives three interesting reflections on lessons one may learn from obeserving Passover.


Water, water everywhere

“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.” ~Ben Franklin

While we in the Northeast seemed to have our fill of water right now (still mostly in frozen form), there are many parts of our nation and across the globe where water is in short supply or even no supply at all. Water is essential to all life on this planet and it is up to us stewards of the earth to make sure all life gets the water it needs. And as we humans are the primary source of water pollution, it is also on us to make sure we are making every effort to clean up this water.
Here is a nice list of facts and suggested measures we can take to conserve water, both in and outside of the home.…/water-conserva…/

What does a UU think about themself?

In our meeting for UU Religious Exploration on Sunday morning, the group finished their discussion on honesty and fairness by flipping the lens around onto themselves, to test what it is like to be honest and fair with oneself. We first were asked to take a critical eye at ourselves, and found that we can be stubborn, overconfident, lacking a proper filter in what we say, lacking focus, not trusting of others, not in touch with our true confidence, and that we can be prone to talking back or being too loud for others’ tastes. There was a real honesty in the sharing of what can be difficult to admit, and in all honesty, the traits may make for a rugged but relentless social activist, so it is good to know that we are at least capable of doing great things with even our perceived “weak” characteristics.

We next were asked to list strengths. So what did we say about these desirable traits? We are compassionate and empathetic, caring, kind, artistic and active; we are intelligent and creative people who love to read and write and make jokes; some of us have a great attention to detail and are good listeners who are very open to others, while others love sports and prefer to play a lot. When we are fair and honest with ourselves, we can be more in touch with our true selves, which will help us become the person/the people we want to be in this world.