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HeartSong is off, with a successful launch night on the 4th, Laughter Yoga on the 5th, and a spiritual women’s drum circle on the 6th. To learn more about HeartSong and its mission, click on our HeartSong page and follow us on Facebook.

To find out more about Sunday services, click on our Sunday services page.


Creating a Haven: Capturing the Spirit of Nature to EnhanceYour Holiday Home Design

Join HeartSong’s interior design expert, Elizabeth Randall, who will show us how to use natural elements to decorate our homes for the holidays and year-round.


Kidding Around Yoga, Sundays December 6, 13, 20

Velma McNamara will lead your child through an hour of music, fun, and mindfulness.


Yoga Comes To Milford!

Stephanie Schwartz brings her unique blend of tai chi and traditional yoga to HeartSong on Thursdays. Bring your mat and water. $12 per session.



23 Pine Street, Milford, MA  (508) 473-3589 Facilities: (401) 651-3871